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Hi, my name is Rachel Dolecheck and I am currently a Marketing Manager where I oversee social media strategy, development of marketing campaigns, influencer marketing and digital advertising. I also have experience planning and styling photoshoots, merchandising e-commerce and brick and mortar products, and writing personal and SEO focused blog content. My goal in life is to use my marketing skills to make a positive difference in this world. Below find my most recent work from various marketing campaigns, content creation and personal photography work.

Feel free to reach out here with any questions.

Voice of the People was a social media campaign for Pildora NYC to promote the idea of sustainable fashion by hearing opinions from the community.
Pildora Blossom is a product I assisted with in developing and designing. I created a successful launch campaign with social media, influencers and email marketing.
An e-commerce site enhancement I implemented that showcases the brand’s social media community. Goals were to improve community engagement and brand trust.
An ad designed for a Digital Marketing Project.
fruit photography
Can you guess which one isn’t real?
An article promoting Kappa Delta Sorority.
spring time in jersey city
Spring time in my home away from home.
vintage rack at Modcloth nyc
Merchandised a vintage rack in Soho, NYC.
Designed and wrote this magazine layout in a Graphic Design class.
An influencer campaign centered around raising awareness on clean skincare ingredients.
Created and managed a partnered Instagram giveaway.
Created and managed a partnered Instagram giveaway.
A rainy day at the MoMA Museum.
Designed and wrote this magazine layout in a Graphic Design class.
central park, nyc
The calm before the storm.
A digital invitation designed during my Public Relations internship for press dinner.
retro studio apartment
A Blog on Decorating my 440 sq ft studio.

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