Rachel Dolecheck


Grove St. Jersey City

First of all, happy new year. It’s freaking 2020. I mean that sounds unreal. We are living in a world with the ultimate internet chaos, new inventions happening every day (for instance, period panties. yeah, don’t ask), and people spending hours on end to create a 30 sec video hoping it goes viral. Yet, I …

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spring time in jersey city

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and I honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole six months since I’ve moved to the greatest, scariest, most exciting city in the world. Of course not everything is fun and games, even if that’s how it may look on social media. I have plenty of bad …

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I know I’ve written a post about NY tips, but let me add two very important things I have learned up here: your money will go FAST affordable apartments have no storage space (meaning no room for clothes and shoes) Now I never thought I’d type this, but.. dad, you were right. I did not …

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