Rachel Dolecheck


Never have I heard of purple cauliflower until I visited my sweet little farmer’s market last weekend, and I could not resist this beautiful vegetable. I looked up a few recipes and how to cook them and decided on the perfect warm bowl for cooler days. Something I learned about purple cauliflower vs. regular cauliflower …

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oatmeal banana pancakes

I tried this 2-ingredient pancake trend on Tik-Tok and soon realized a better version. Oatmeal banana pancakes. Such an easy, healthy way to have one of my favorite childhood foods. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, these are amazing, much healthier than the ones I ate growing up, and vegan! Ingredients 1 cup of rolled oats 2 …

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So here’s a story about a sandwich. The best sandwich ever in history of sandwiches according to 5-6 people. Also known as Tina. I literally just made that up while deciding to write this post. It’s about a famous sandwich that I make, of course. And just to be clear only 5-6 people have been …

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