2020 Summer Staples

summer essentials outfit

With our planet getting continually hotter because of climate change, I thought I’d write a little something about my favorite summer staples to help survive this heat. Continue reading for the pieces that have gotten me through the countless droplets of sweat in this current heat wave.

A mask

I had to throw this one in here first because let’s be real – masks are not fun to wear (especially if your commute is 80% of walking), but if we all want life to go back to normal, I think it’s best if we wear these bad boys. In the meantime, get creative or find a mask that matches your style.

Updating as soon as my new reusable masks come in. 🙂

The easy breezy dress

A good versatile dress is so necessary for those days when you just want to throw something on and even better if you can wear it as skirt. I love this Convertible Mini Dress from Free People, and it is my go-to dress this year. If your agenda this summer is breathability, I highly recommend any linen cotton blend for the easy breezy summer dress.

A silk scarf

This might be one of the most trending accessories this year, and I’m all for it. I almost gave up on this look when I couldn’t figure out how to wear them. It’s safe to say I finally know how to tie scarves around my hair, and I’m never looking back (p.s. the key to this look is securely pinning the scarf down with barrettes and pulling some hair in the front of it). A fun silk scarf can also serve as a top, maybe a belt or a swimsuit coverup.

This styled silk scarf was passed down from my great great grandmother. ❤

Vintage blue jean shorts

There is just something about a pair of high waisted 80’s style vintage denim shorts. I found these from a vintage shop in Brooklyn – Awoke Vintage, and they are my absolute best friend. I’m here for all the vintage mom vibes. These shorts are so comfortable and another easy piece to throw one with a bodysuit or tank top.

A full vintage denim, silk look paired with my black (you.swim) one piece.

Hint: I’ve loved the look of vintage jeans forever but could never find any that fit my curvy body because of their lack of stretch. The key to finding the perfect pair is sizing up about 2 sizes to get them over those beautiful hips. They will eventually stretch out a bit around the waist, but that’s what belts are for. 😉

That go-to handbag

I may or may not have a slight handbag obsession, but I make myself feel better by only purchasing secondhand. A fun vintage purchase puts the perfect finishing touches to any summer outfit. My newest piece is this colorful Douney & Burke bag I found on Poshmark.

My newest vintage bag by Dooney & Burke.

Check my latest Poshmark listings here.

The everyday jewelry

I have slowly become a major jewelry person, and I’m obsessed with the idea of the “stack”, whether it be necklaces, rings, or earrings. A sparkle of gold or silver will 9 times out of 10 will take an outfit from okay to major selfie moments. I find Mejuri to be an affordable, ethical jewelry brand with high quality pieces. If you’re looking for summer fun, you must of check out crumi stuff — handmade clay earrings and I promise there’s a pair for every mood.

The perfect one piece swimsuit

The final summer staple that has saved me on so many occasions is my go-to one piece swimsuit. More specifically youswim, a sustainable swimwear brand that carries swim suits that fit 7 sizes in 1. It’s skeptical, I know, but the blend of nylon and elastane makes for the stretchiest most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll ever put on. These swimsuits are actually magical because they are always sold out online, but they deserve the positive word of mouth. *See photo under vintage blue jean shorts.*

That’s it for my go-to summer staples that have been a life saver when all I want is to feel cute yet comfortable. Oh and don’t forget the most important summer essential this year — sunscreen. Protect that skin. 🙂

Tell me, what are some of your summer staples?


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