How I Decorated my 440 sq ft Studio

Cozy apartment corner

And on a budget at that.

After living in the same space for a little over a year, I think I finally have it decorated the way I want. I’m hard to please if you can’t tell.

I wish I could find a photo of my apartment when I moved in because she’s really come a long way. The first piece that really brought my space together was this amazing sofa I found on the street just as my neighbors were putting it out. The story of getting this bad boy into my space could be a whole other blog post (sorry Matt), but this sofa really found a home in my apartment. While I’m also working from home indefinitely, it has served as my desk, napping station, and morning coffee spot. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to give it up.

Behind the sofa is my retro wall collage that I’ve been working on for about a year. The process was slow but only to ensure I added the most meaningful pieces. It started with this iconic Vogue cover that was actually here when I moved in. I then added a vintage owl painting my grandmother gave me, a few thrift finds, and a Jersey City print that I bought at a local boutique. My adored album covers were the finishing touches to really bring the whole look together. I mean who doesn’t love Stevie? ❤

Finally getting the recognition they deserve, meet Hank and Ernie, aka the spotlight of my bed area. 🙂 This area honestly took a lot from me. I’ve moved night stands around, changed the wall behind the bed at least 5 times, and finally have it the way I want. I had this frame for quite some time and never knew what I wanted to put in it until I decided to make this collage that exemplifies so much for me and something I’m actually quite proud of.

The two side tables is what I struggled most with, but ultimately I decided to make one very simple and the other a cozy spot where my record player and my sad plant (I still have hope) can live.

I also made this yin yang from an old sauce jar and nothing has made me happier. 🙂

And last but not least, my biggest project yet – my kitchen station. This island started out in the middle of my apartment to serve as a dinner table, and it slowly got pushed to the side to free up more space. Since we’ve been quarantined, I decided to really jazz her up and give her a real purpose. My actual kitchen space is tiny measuring at only 5.4ft wide. The coffee maker and toaster were originally in that area, but I knew I needed more space for dishes and to cook. So that’s when the kitchen station become more of a reality. With a little help from amazon, I found this amazing shelf that can be lengthened or shortened to bring the look together.

To come to conclusions, I think my space finally makes me happy because of how personal it has become. My framed wall collage means so much to me, there are little pieces of my family, and all my thrift finds that are giving items a brand new home. Decorating is a beautiful process that takes time and if you strategize, you can do it on a very small budget. 🙂


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