The Concept of Matcha Lattes

It’s extremely important to find activities, food, etc that make you happy especially in quarantine. Something that I have been loving lately is my morning matcha, which I actually found out that I was making wrong this whole time (thanks Tik Tok).

I’d first like to add that matcha is filled with amazing health benefits like natural antioxidants, increased brain function, even weight loss enhancement. It’s also important to buy quality grade matcha so you are getting the best bang for your buck. The matcha I use is organic culinary grade Jade Leaf Matcha. So if you’re skeptical, I’d say to give these green tea extracts a try – but learn how to make it first (unlike me).

So here I am in quarantine with my lovely boyfriend who just happens to have matcha powder that he rarely uses. I decided to give a try at making some iced matcha lattes to start my morning. Pre COVID-19, I used to switch up my regular iced coffee with an iced matcha every once in a while, so I thought I had the process to make this bad boy down.

Add 1-2 teaspoon of matcha, milk, and some sweetener and mix together! Done, easy. See below.

And while this photo looks and tastes amazing, I was actually missing a pretty important step. Water, duh.

Basically, the best way to make an iced matcha latte, is to get your milk (I use oat) and a sweetener of choice (I like honey) and mix/shake those together in a mixing container. I use my magic bullet mixing cups, but mason jars could also do the trick. I usually I eyeball almost everything I cook so I’d say just put however much you’re feeling that day, but let’s assume we are using an 8oz glass. You will then pour this milk mixture over ice filling up a little over half of your 8oz glass. Next you can either grab another mixing container or clean out the one you just used, and add 2 teaspoons of matcha powder along with 2 tablespoons warm water.

It should look a little something like this after mixing.

Finally you’ll want to pour this delicious matcha over your iced milk, mix it up a little, and voila. If you have some room in your glass, you can always top it off with a little more milk. These steps can also be done in reverse order by pouring your milk mixture on top of the iced matcha, depending on what you’d want to taste first.

Here is my final product, and yes the glass brings this whole moment together. Thank you, Courtney, for the cutest gift.

Disclaimer, there’s actually an even more professional way to make a matcha latte, but anyway you decide to make it will most likely still be delicious.

Overall, the added water element gives the whole drink a nice, smooth consistency in comparison to the one with just milk that produces a thicker mixture.

That’s it for my version of matcha, but stay tuned for some more green yummies.

– R

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