2020: The Year of, Well A lot.

A lot has happened in the starting months of 2020 for myself and for the whole world. So I thought I’d write out an update on what’s been going on, how I’ve been feeling, and hope it’s somewhat relatable.

So 2020: the official year of global chaos, the rise of Tik Tok, virtual everything, and maybe this is just me but I found out there are robot influencers with millions of followers and no one is talking about it??

Anywho, so far for me I’ve finished graduate school and will have a Masters degree in the Business of Fashion, I may or may not have a job anytime soon, and I’ve learned that change is 100% okay.

So graduate school. For anyone interested, I attended Rutgers Business School because I have always wanted to study fashion and was unable to in undergrad. This was basically my only chance to just go for it. I’ve learned more than I probably have in my entire life, met some the greatest people, and formed actual relationships with classmates and professors. Ultimately what I would recommend about this experience is to follow your heart and do what have always wanted to do. I’m not quite there yet, but I know in my soul I will reach my dreams one day.

The job situation, on the other hand, is quite unprecedented. Luckily, I am working as a social media intern; I’m just not really sure if I can be an intern forever. However during a time like this, it’s always important to have a quick cry and then remember the queen you are.

Lastly, let’s discuss change. This quarantine has changed some, if not most of us. We have discovered new hobbies, eating habits, workout routines, and new outlooks on life. For me, I learned that I love my boyfriend more than anything in this world, board games are really fun, and I could probably watch Netflix all hours of the night. I also learned that gaining weight as a woman really offends men. Still trying to understand why, but I saw this awesome quote on Instagram that read “it’s okay if your body changes” and yes it is. We are literally facing a global pandemic, something that has never happened in this world. This not an easy time and change is human nature. The most important thing about your body, however, is to keep it healthy. Nourish it with good foods, workout when your body will allow it, drink lots of water, and never let a man try and define you.

And that’s on feminism. Be back soon. ❤


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