Sustainability for Dummies

I have been wanting to do a sustainability post for quite some time now, but I haven’t been able to think of an approach to take. Well, if you haven’t noticed, my title kind of gives it away. Sustainability for dummies aka me. Probably you. Unless Helena is reading (she’s a sustainability kween and also pictured below).

Anywho, sustainability. It’s a difficult topic to understand and sometimes especially difficult in practice. So I thought I’d break it down in 5 cute little steps for anyone who wants to try and take part in saving our planet!

Step 1: Always start with some research.

As I am also part of this ‘sustainability for dummies’ group, I’m going to do some research as I write this blog. Below are some articles I found easy to understand and ultimately interesting for beginners.

Step 2: After some quick research, figure out whats best for you.

So there’s a lot when it comes to being sustainable. Recycling, composting, ethical shopping, etc etc etc. However, it’s not always possible for a single person to practice every aspect of sustainability especially depending on where you live. For instance, in smaller towns composting can be quite the task, but a reusable shopping bag is always practical and very sustainable anywhere you are.

If you can compost, though, I highly recommend because it’s a beautiful process 🙂

Step 3: Understand that no one is perfect.

This one is important. Not a single person is perfect, especially when it comes to being sustainable. We all make mistakes, and it’s okay. I used to get so mad at myself when I would forget my shopping bag for groceries or my reusable water bottle, but I have realized its okay. The world isn’t going to end because I didn’t compost my food. It’s important to understand that it isn’t so much about what we do, but instead how we do it. Basically what I’m getting at is how important the little things are. Understanding how to properly recycle can be ever-changing to our environment.

Step 4: Be conscious.

So you’ve done your research. You know what will work best with your lifestyle and you now know that no one is perfect. It’s time to really think when it comes to making sustainable choices (that is, if you’re serious about it). Check if your grocery packaging is recyclable, what your clothes are made of, where your food coming from, etc. It’s time to take a second to really think about these choices we make every single day. Some questions I have been asking myself lately, “Do I really need this?” or “Is this recyclable?” etc.

Step 5: Never stop learning.

Last, but not least, never stop learning. The world of sustainability is evolving every single day. From new products being launched to innovative ways to be more sustainable. A new product that I have been wanting to try which is great for the environment is the “cora ball” or in other words, a laundry ball that catches all the tiny micro-fibers coming off our clothes in the washing machine. Micro-fiber is actually the single biggest pollution problem facing our ocean, hence why I’m curious to try this cool product! Check it out here and always stay curious about all things sustainable. 🙂

I hope this helped anyone who might be a little interested about sustainability because it’s really such a cool thing. Knowing that I am saving so much plastic using my metal straw or reusable shopping bag is honestly what inspires me every day.


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