What to do When You Have Nothing to do

Working and going to school in the NYC metro area is all fun and games until you take a bogus part-time job in between semesters and your hours basically get cut in half. And by half I mean I have the next 13 days off so I have found myself doing absolutely anything and everything to keep myself busy. With one week down of figuring out what to do when you have nothing to do, I thought I’d report my best findings (for anyone who might find themself in the same situation or just needs a good laugh).

First things first, you are going to have a lotttt of free time. This means no more excuses. Go exercise, do your skincare routine, and clean your room. But seriously, skincare. Do it. Every day, twice a day. Actually do all of these things whether you have time off or not. Don’t listen to me. Be the organized, healthy queen you know you are.

With all this free time, might as well try and make some money because you’re already broke. So go ahead and list your entire closet on Poshmark and Depop. It keeps you busy and more money in your pocket. Check out some of my newest listings below because I actually haven’t sold anything in this hard time of not having anything to do.

Another fun activity to do is learn a new skill (if you’re into that sort of thing). There are surprisingly tons of free videos on graphic design, computer programming, and communication skills. You can even take it to the next level and learn to cook a bomb ass meal. In case you were wondering, I have not taken it to the next level, but see below some of my finest, amateur work.

With the lack of income, you might as well spend your money only on necessities (aka groceries and coffee, of course). Explore different coffee shops in your area, write a blog post on your favorite ones, and rate who has the best muffins.

On days when you feel like being a hermit, read a book, drink some tea, or photograph absolutely everything in your apartment in the most satisying ways possible. Many photos were taken, but these were the ones that made the cut.

Lastly, and probably the fan favorite is to binge some Netflix shows. But only at night because you are a hardworking, independent woman/man who needs Vitamin D and human interaction. Anyways, some binge-worthy shows I have watched recently are You, Good Girls, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

In conclusion, if this is what being a housewife is like, I want absolutely no part in it. Find a good, honest job and always have a backup plan when things go a little unexpected.

I hope you all enjoyed my segment on what to do when you have nothing do. 😛


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