Twenty Twenty

Grove St. Jersey City

First of all, happy new year. It’s freaking 2020. I mean that sounds unreal. We are living in a world with the ultimate internet chaos, new inventions happening every day (for instance, period panties. yeah, don’t ask), and people spending hours on end to create a 30 sec video hoping it goes viral. Yet, I have loved every second of this crazy year and can only hope 2020 brings just as much laughter, love, and adventure.

So with a new year that means new resolutions, right? Some people don’t believe in them. I, however, think they are wonderful and fun and something everyone should take part in. I mean why start a new year with zero goals, right? So read below if you want the ultimate inspo, maybe to shed a tear, and realize this new year is all about you and your aspirations.

My Greatest Intentions for 2020

  1. Figure out a way to incorporate avocado into every meal. 🥑
  2. Learn how to drink coffee at home.
  3. Get rid of my apartment mouse who refuses to pay rent. 🐀
  4. Do more double chin exercises.
  5. Find other shows to watch other than Chopped and New Girl.
  6. Pet more doggies and wave at more babies.
  7. In 2020, I will stop buying chocolate chips just to eat the entire bag.
  8. This one might be the hardest, but I will clean up my kitchen the same night I dirty it…
  9. In very much contrast to #2 I will explore every single coffee shop in NYC. So far, three down – 46,953 more to go.
  10. Last but not least, give Matthew more kithes. 🥰🥰🥰

I hope I made at least one person laugh (besides my boyfriend) and I hope at least one person thinks about making their resolutions fun instead of so typical. In all seriousness, happy new year and happy Jan 7th. I will add posting a blog post on time to my list as well.

All for now, loves.


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