Fall Trends?

Okay, okay. I know. I have been off my game lately. School, work, and life get in the way sometimes, but a friendly soul gave me the push to get back to my blogging space and create some great content.

I originally started this blog for me and my love of fashion. So here we are with my idea of fall trends. In other words – I wanted to showcase some of my favorite fall pieces this year that I use to really bring an outfit together.

First we have the classic over-sized blazer suit. This is actually one of my wardrobe favorites at the moment because it is truly so iconic. The plaid stands out in an interview, at work, or if you’re just walking the streets in SoHo. I promise someone will compliment your style if you have on a funky suit. I bought this set from Modcloth.com but the label is Rolla’s. It’s comfy, the perfect amount of oversized, and so easy to dress up or down.

PS – if you really bad, you will mix and match your plaids. Now that’s a look. Maybe.. coming soon?

Next I want to spotlight my favorite accessory at the moment – bucket hats. They are honestly everything I have ever wanted and more. It gives an outfit a cool, edgy vibe even if you are one of the most uncool people ever (aka me). Both bucket hats pictured were purchased from Urban Outfitters.

Although this next outfit was technically my Halloween look, it is probably the number 1 fall trend for anyone – a chic all black outfit. I was your typical witch for Halloween, but I found so much joy in wearing all black without feeling basic. This baby doll dress is from Zara, and it actually made me feel the least amount of basic. I added the layered necklaces to pull the whole look together and immediately wanted to wear this outfit for the rest of the year.

Next trend that some people probably hate is pairing a fun pair of socks with any shoe in your closet. Its funky and risky, but that’s what fashion is all about. I personally love pairing socks with just about any shoe I own because if you know me, you know I have an obsession with my shoes. This way I can wear some of my summer sandals in the winter and feel great about it. Someone once said “Socks with sandals will always be cute, and I don’t care what anyone says.” I will hold onto that statement for the rest of my life, and I challenge anyone reading to try this trend regardless what your uneducated fashion friends might say.

Ultimately, dress however you want, but always dress to impress. Feeling unmotivated and lazy one day? Throw on a big sweater and jeans and add a popping lip color. Never settle for a man, and never settle your outfits, ladies and gentleman.

That’s it for today’s fashion trends. I hope this post inspires someone to step out of their comfort zone and take some fashion risks. 🙂



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