my fashion rules of thumb

It’s taken me quite some time to feel confident and comfortable in my most ‘me’ outfits. I would always worry someone is judging or criticizing me for dressing outside of the norm. Silly rachel.

Thank goodness for New York because I now realize how crazy it is to think like that. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their favorite outfits, regardless of what others may think. No one’s style is the same, and not everyone is going to love your choice in clothing. At the end of the day, always stay true to yourself, and try your best to not let others’ opinions affect you negatively.

Anyways, this got me thinking about fashion and feeling confident, and I wanted to share my fashion rules of thumb for whoever might need them.

  1. First of all, always buy what you want to wear and what you think looks good on you. – Most importantly, always dress the way you want to dress. I know this sounds self explanatory, but for those with a quirky kind of style, it might be hard to truly express yourself.
  2. Get creative. Go thrifting, do some DIY on old clothes, and always get inspiration for new, fun outfit ideas. My personal favorite is Pinterest searching different styles I want to incorporate into my wardrobe.
  3. Never spend too much money on clothes. I know it’s the trend to have anything and everything designer, but don’t break your bank to follow ‘trends’. Make your own freaking trend.
  4. Okay, this one’s important, and I can’t stress this enough. RE-WEAR OUTFITS. Just because you Instagrammed something, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it again and even Instagram it again. Who cares. If I could wear my favorite outfit every day of the week without being totally gross, I so would.
  5. Last but not least, wear clothes that make you feel confident, but also comfortable. I know those heels look good, but dammit, don’t wear them if you’re going to complain every hour that your feet hurt. Okay this was directed toward me, but still. Always wear clothing that makes you so comfortable you could take over the world.

And I think I’ll end this on a note of taking over the world. Dress like a boss and always show yourself off. Whether you get dressed up for yourself, your work, your boyfriend, or social media – never be afraid to show the world that you’re confident and proud of the person you are.


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