the good, the bad, and the ugly

I cannot believe it has been a whole year since I started this blog. Now I may not be making six figures or changing anyone’s lives, but writing, creating, and editing truly brings me so much joy. For the few people that actually read my blogs, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kind words and good vibes are always deeply appreciated.

So let’s reflect on 2018. The good, the bad, and the very very ugly.

The good

As per earlier posts, this year hasn’t been the best, but there is always good that can never be forgotten. First of all, I have some badass friends. They are ridiculous, loving, hilarious, and have always been 100% there for me (especially for the bad). As sad I am to leave them, I did get accepted to a dream college to study fashion, so that clearly falls in the good category. I also met some pretty awesome people and have made the greatest memories in my sweet little hometown (I also know I said I hated this place but things change ok).

The bad 

So the bad. Well, to keep it short and simple, the bad consisted of unhealthy relationships, hurtful words/actions, self hate, and too many people gone too soon. But, the important part of the bad is that it teaches you so many lessons you never thought you knew about yourself. It’s hard to get past difficult times, but I swear to you it is possible. And if your 2018 was similar to mine, just know this – you will have bad years, but you will also have the most amazing years of your life. You will grow, fall in love, probably fall out of love, drink a lot of alcohol (hopefully), and enjoy all the greatest moments.

The very very ugly

Now for the best part. The ugly consists of all the stupid nights that I may or may not remember with stupidest, greatest friends. Whether it’s me singing all the wrong lyrics, Hannah doing a very strange dance move, Courtney trying to shake her non-existent ass, or Jordan being way too loud at all the wrong times. We have had some ugly times with makeup, boys, clothes, and one too many margaritas. However, it’s the ugly times that make for the greatest. It’s truly because of the beautiful people I surround myself with that make this life worth living.


So stay ugly and stay positive.

Happy New Year!


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