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Being healthy not only looks good, but it feels amazing too. We always begin the New Year with a resolution to start working out more or eating better, but do we actually follow through after January? Probably not. Well, for all my college students, spring break is exactly 10 weeks away. Now that may seem like awhile from now, but your body needs significant time to adjust to new (healthy) habits.

In my opinion, the first step to getting healthy is motivation. You are not going to get anywhere unless you have a substantial amount of motivation for yourself. Inspiration can come from a number of things like making an ex jealous, impressing a new crush, or simply having the satisfaction of heads turning while you work that new bikini. Let’s face it. We all want a little attention especially when we worked so hard for something.

Okay step number two. Being in college definitely does not come with a meal plan, so it’s important to know exactly what you are taking into your body. I’m not saying you can’t have a late night Cane’s run or that over sized piece of cake. All I am saying is to control your intake a little more than usual. If you are used to eating out every single day, maybe cut back to 2-3 times a week. Then, gradually lower that number to 1-2 (remember what I said about body adjustment). Now another part of intake is what you are drinking, and I don’t mean at the bar. Throughout the day you should drink at least half an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Water is actually pretty amazing. It’s good for your body, skin, hair, and nails. It basically cures depression.

Now comes the hard part – Working out, ugh. Well, it truly isn’t that bad at all. Working out can actually be so fun. If you are looking to drop some serious pounds, my suggestion for you is start walking every day. Then, gradually start running. I know that sounds miserable but find a nature trail to run or treadmill watching your favorite show. I promise you will thank me once you see the weight falling off. If you are trying to trim up and gain some muscles, find a workout buddy and hit the gym 2-3 times a week. I might add, I have a pretty great partner. 🙂 Pinterest your favorite workouts and get after it! Take before and after pictures to see your awesome progress.

If you are reading this and feel motivated, I hope you find some inspiration and become a healthier you (making an ex jealous never fails, just saying). Nothing is better than feeling great in your own skin especially if you know you worked hard for it. Above all else, it truly does not matter what you look like in that bikini or what that number reads on the scale. All that matters is that you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

– R

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