Rachel Dolecheck



Marketing campaigns I’ve implemented across various mediums.

A social media campaign promoting the idea of sustainable fashion by hearing opinions from the community.

Partnership with Le Coco Candles to develop and design a sustainable, non-toxic candle.

Implemented a website improvement to highlight user-generated content for Pildora’s homepage.


Below is content I’ve created for Pildora that is composed of Instagram Reels, recipe making and writing, and product photography.

Floral Iced Tea
Matcha Lemonade


This section is composed of graphic design content I’ve done in college courses and internships.

“Fashion Trend Monthly” – a magazine page I designed and wrote for a Design course.
An ad designed for a Digital Marketing Project.


Fashion and interior styling is personal hobby and passion I’ve had since I was a child. I’ve used this passion in my career by styling photoshoots, merchandising and more recently, launching an online vintage store.

DOCO – a curated vintage store I launched in May 2021


I’ve always admired my grandmother’s writing skills and strive to create eloquent, informative and entertaining content. Below are SEO focused, educational and personal writing examples.

An article promoting Kappa Delta Sorority.


Photography is another personal hobby I have that I am able to find some much joy in. My professional experience is composed of product, food and lifestyle photography used for digital purposes.

Beach skies.
Home away from home.
Fall fashion.

An influencer campaign that raised awareness on clean skincare ingredients.

An ongoing influencer partnership concentrated on wellness and lifestyle content.

A digital ad campaign promoting sustainable holiday gifts.

“Unwind with Me”
Healthy Smoothie Bowl

A digital flyer designed for an exclusive dinner party.
“Fashion Trend Monthly” – a magazine page I designed and wrote for a Design course.

vintage rack at Modcloth nyc
Merchandising a vintage rack in NYC.

Homemade waffles on a Saturday morning, how cliché.
central park, nyc
The calm before the storm.
Eco-friendly Christmas gifts.
Tulips for Spring.