WunderEggs Product Launch Marketing Campaign

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods CPG

My Role: Marketing Manager

Project Brief:

WunderEggs are plant-based hard boiled eggs that are made with nuts and zero cholesterol. As the Marketing Manger, I developed an end-to-end marketing plan for a nationwide product launch in Whole Foods Market. Some of my key accomplishments were executing the video campaign above, developing influencer and PR relationships, planning pop-up events and playing a key role in the development of the brand’s identity.

This campaign had three core elements: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. With this product being the first of its kind, the pre-launch objectives were to drive as much trial and awareness as possible. From pop-up sampling events, focus groups and influencer partnerships, the goal was to obtain testimonials, UGC content and social media impressions. During launch, public relations played an important role by driving continued awareness and testimonials from industry experts. My post-launch recommendations were to drive in-store traffic through sampling programs, coupons and influencer partnerships.


  • Development of brand identity and messaging
  • Social media strategy
  • Email marketing campaigns  
  • PR strategy
  • Influencer campaigns and partnerships
  • New website  
  • Promotional video campaign
  • Pop-up events


  • Consistent branding through strategic messaging, story-telling and improved guidelines
  • 75% increase in e-commerce sales through segmented email marketing campaigns
  • Earned PR articles within the plant-based industry
  • Improved e-commerce conversions and UX/UI through expert website management, design strategy, and SEO efforts
  • Local brand awareness in Austin, Texas through pop-up events and influencer partnerships
  • Early stage product reviews that drove continued product development